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Peacemaker Ministries Devotional: Putting Away Bitterness

by P. Brian Noble / October 4, 2019


Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. (Ephesians 4:31, ESV)


Like having mold and mildew eradicated from your house, so let bitterness be removed from your heart. Like you would take an old, stinky fish from your fridge, so remove wrath from your heart. In the same way you brush away the “morning breath” from your mouth, so cleanse the clamor and slander inside you.

The Greek word airo, translated “let ----- be put away from you,” implies violence and great authority. So Paul is saying here, “with forcefulness, remove bitterness from your heart; with violence, remove the wrath stored up; with authority, take action against your sin, to banish clamor, malice, and slander.”


Does bitterness have control of your friendships, or do you have authority over your bitterness? Does anger hold sway over your conversations, or are you diligent about getting rid of anger? Too often people say, “I can’t help it if I feel bitter [angry/malicious].” That’s not true; with God’s help, you can get hold of those attitudes and take authority over them. Evict bitterness from your heart even if it goes out kicking and screaming.


Heavenly Father, with your Spirit’s power, I am rejecting bitterness and anger and forcefully removing them from my heart. I am banishing the anger I have been harboring. I do not want malice to live in me anymore.…

(Continue praying.)

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P. Brian Noble

P. Brian Noble

P. Brian Noble is an everyday guy who loves Jesus. He has been married to his best friend, Tanya, for 20 years and they have four children; they currently reside in eastern Washington. Brian has a Master of Arts in missional leadership from Northwest University. He is the Executive Director/CEO of Peacemaker Ministries. An ordained minister for the past 20+ years (3 years as a Youth Pastor, 14 years as a Senior Pastor, and 4 years as an Executive Pastor), he proclaims hope through the gospel message as the Holy Spirit empowers believers in their daily walk. He believes in the power of the Word of God to transform lives. He has been a Certified Christian Conciliator since 2008, with 1000+ hours of conflict coaching and mediation experience. His caseload has ranged from husband and wife cases, to family farm, to public schools, and even county government. Brian has taught peacemaking in local jails and even internationally in Uganda. His hope is that every Christian reconciles their differences in a way that glorifies God. His hope is that every Christian recognizes they are a Peacemaker before they try to do peacemaking. Finally, his hope is that every Christian reconciles by making authentic peace that blends justice, mercy, and humility.

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