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Level Path: Confidence

by Amy A. Charbonneau / August 29, 2018
Teach me Your way, O Lord,
   and lead me in a level path because of my foes.
Teach me how to live, O Lord.
   Lead me along the right path,
   for my enemies are waiting for me. (Psalm 27:11, NASB & NLT)


Have you ever taken the time to truly think about God’s ways? Let’s do it now. There are so many Scriptures that reveal to us just how different His ways are from what comes naturally to us. In Psalm 27 King David asks the Lord to teach him his “way” – teach him “how to live.” His words cause me to stop and ponder how often I assume that my own way is just fine . . . that my habits are good . . . that my understanding of life is accurate. But that isn’t the case.

The Hebrew word translated as “your way” can mean a variety of things, depending on the context: road, journey, manner, path, direction, a course of life or of moral character. If we thoughtfully consider the full meaning of God’s “way” as taught in Scripture, we will realize that it is meant to apply to every part of our lives. God’s “way to live” encompasses the paths we take, the manner in which we live, the directions we choose to go, and especially our moral compass. Whenever I do stop and think about God’s ways, I see that my understanding and some of my habits are not “his way.”

How then does following God’s way help us when we are confronted with enemies? When we are on his way, God changes his people from the inside out. As we choose to surrender to this transformation within us, we discover a “level path.” In other words, his way is better and doesn’t have the kind of troubles and anxieties that result from going our own way. When we are following God’s ways and we face an enemy, we have a different perspective.

Confidence is birthed from a place of humility for those who welcome internal transformation.  Paul addresses this in Romans 12:2 – he exhorts the church community in Rome to embrace transformation by the Lord rather than conformation to this world’s ways. God’s ways are always counter-cultural, as you may already have discovered!

While it is hard at times to follow God’s ways, there is freedom, grace, joy, and peace unlike anything else we have known. The Path of a Peacemaker is based on Scripture, so it is secure for those walking on it. Be assured that it is aligned with the ways of the Lord, no matter how different the Path is from our culture. 

“May the Lord bless and keep you and make his face to shine upon you and give you his peace” as you humble yourself before his throne of grace. You will find mercy and direction there!


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P. Brian Noble

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Amy A. Charbonneau

Amy A. Charbonneau

Amy Charbonneau is a wife and mom to 5 kids. She loves Jesus with all her heart and has a passion for God’s word. She loves encouraging others in their pursuit of God. She enjoys learning new things and loves to create art including painting and unique metal art. She has a degree in Biblical and Theological Studies from The King’s University, is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Intercultural studies, and is looking forward to where God will use her to further His Kingdom.

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